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New Promos Boost Sales at MACH for ITC

The rapid pace of evolution at Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC) was visually evident at MACH 2016 with an eye-catching new stand design that equally divided attention between the UK manufactured ITC tooling lines, the BIG KAISER range of toolholders and specialised products and also the Widia range of indexable insert products.

ITC has created a synergy between its extremely comprehensive new product portfolio; and all three brands were equally represented at MACH. Furthermore, ITC has extended its head-count with new Widia and BIG KAISER specialists employed to support the respective brands. One of the new starters, Mr Neil Vine joined ITC a week before MACH and was relishing the opportunity to promote the brand under the ITC umbrella. With regards to the BIG KAISER range, Neil said: “I’m very familiar with the brand and the opportunity to sell it in the UK and at MACH is a delight. The BIG KAISER back-ends are the best in the business; and for serious engineers, the brand sells itself.”

In the build up to MACH, ITC was promoting the new HMC Promotional Starter Kit from BIG KAISER. Regarded as the benchmark in toolholding systems, the promotion offered machine shops a chuck, four collets and a wrench for an extremely attractive price. One customer from a globally renowned automotive OEM recently acquired a number of HMC kits and the tool life and productivity improvements led the customer to buy an additional 10 HMC sets, off the stand at MACH.

Likewise, the ‘ready-to-go’ box-set boring kit for producing precision holes from 17.8mm to 152mm diameter was offered with a massive 50% discount. This also drew sales and high enquiry levels at the show. The neatly boxed kit includes a EWN boring head, two 16mm toolholders (one solid carbide and one steel), three peripherally clamped insert holders and six centrally clamped insert holders. These heads and holders are supported with a box of 10 inserts for the toolholders, two wrenches and a coolant nozzle. This offer is still available for a limited period.

Aside from the interest in promotional packages, visitors also wanted more detail on how they could get their copy of the latest 2017 edition of the Widia Master catalogue. MACH was the first opportunity for customers to peruse through the 2000 page catalogue and interest in the product catalogue was overwhelming.

As always at MACH events, ITC’s UK manufactured product lines gathered huge interest levels and since MACH 2014, ITC has developed a raft of new products that pulled attendees off the aisles and onto the stand. To support the ever expanding ITC portfolio and the Tamworth manufacturing site, ITC’s Managing Director, Mr Peter Graves agreed the purchase of an HMT-S15 automatic cutting machine from GSE Technology at MACH. With the capacity to hold 500 carbide blanks, the new HMT-S15 machine will further streamline production by automating the cutting of round carbide blanks. For further details on ITC’s manufacturing facility, the extensive tooling lines or the product offers that will continue to run for a limited period, please contact your local ITC representative.

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