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Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC) has booked its largest ever stand for the forthcoming MACH 2018, the UK’s showpiece manufacturing event. Recognised as the UK’s leading cutting tool manufacturer, ITC has booked an 80sq/m stand to accommodate the deluge of new product lines that will be available on Stand H20-650.

In 2017, ITC invested over £1m in new production equipment. This has given the company the facility to manufacture high-precision cutting tools from diameters as small as 0.3mm. At the end of 2017 and through Spring 2018, ITC will be implementing a program to extend existing product lines. This will see many of the most popular ITC product lines being extended to offer tool diameters below 3mm.

As well as introducing these product extensions at MACH 2018, ITC will be demonstrating its position as a ‘full-line’ cutting tool supplier with complementary products from globally renowned brands such as BIG KAISER and Widia. Committed to supporting both brands in the UK, the ITC stand at the Birmingham NEC from 9th to 13th April will have sections dedicated to each brand.

The dedicated Widia section of the stand will be supported by both ITC and Widia technical engineers to ensure MACH visitors can investigate and subsequently reap the benefits of the new Widia product offerings. The Widia VariMill Series has been the end mill of choice for many ITC customers for a generation; a testament to the continual evolution of the product line. At MACH, the radical development to the range that is the mainstay of many machine shops will be unveiled. The new Duo-Lock range is a modular system that integrates many of the VariMill milling lines into a new quick-change line. Get you Free ticket here:

Convincing customers with its astounding run-out accuracy, maximum coupling stability and length repeatability, the tantalising combination of the VariMill milling technology and the flexibility of the Duo-Lock system offers end users a revolutionary new solution.  Whilst the proprietary VariMill geometries allowing roughing and finishing with a single tool, the corresponding adaptors include an extensive line of straight and conical shanks with CV, PSC, BT and HSK configurations available in Duo-Lock sizes of DL16, DL20, DL25 and DL32.

The modular tools that will be on-show at MACH will include the VariMill, VariMill II, 4547, 4548, 4XN0 and 4X48 high performance series, the 4U40 45 degree roughing series, the 4969 ball nose roughing series, 5748 VariMill II ER, 774E VariMill III ER Series, the 5142 and 5143 AluSurf line, the 8045 Corner Rounding line and the 8046 Corner Chamfering series. Each of these industry leading solutions include a tapered core that demonstrates astounding stability and an eccentric relief design that increases tool life through higher edge stability.

Continuing this theme of flexibility at MACH, Widia has added to the ITC armoury with the launch of the ultimate shoulder milling solution for step-down applications. The new VSM490 Series of Widia indexable insert tools eliminates finishing operations and improves productivity when machining a wide variety of materials. From an economical perspective, the new VSM490 Series of double sided 90 degree inserts offer four cutting edges to reduce cost per insert and improve economy for the end user.

This latest addition to the Widia Victory Shoulder Mill (VSM) range is extremely versatile with a complete line of insert grades that accommodate highly-productive machining of cast iron, stainless steel, steel, aluminium, titanium and a host of challenging aluminium alloy materials. Suitable for operations from roughing through to finish machining, the VSM is offered with screw-on end mills from 16 to 32mm diameter; Weldon, cylindrical and shell type end mill tool holders from 40 to 125mm shell mills and the robust M4000 cartridge milling system from 125 to 315mm.

Complementing the VSM line at MACH will be the new Widia Victory High Speed Cutting (VHSC) Series of milling cutters for aluminium machining. This versatile new line-up is suitable for everything from face milling, pocketing, ramping, circular interpolation boring, slotting and shoulder milling. The high speed aluminium profiling and pocket milling range is capable of machining at speeds up to 3000m/min with high speed cylindrical end mills, cutting monoblocks and shell mills available in diameter ranges from 25 to 32mm, 25 to 50mm and 40 to 80mm respectively.

Whilst both ITC and Widia are industry leading milling brands, Widia will also be using MACH 2018 to enforce its credentials as a benchmark manufacturer of turning grades. This will be promoted through the new Victory turning grades for steel and cast-iron applications. The WIDIA Victory TN710 series is a new range of coated-carbide inserts specifically engineered for finishing, medium-duty and rough machining of all types of alloyed and unalloyed steels. The TN7100 series delivers exceptional value on key productivity metrics such as higher metal-removal rate, surface finish, longer tool life, consistent performance, and lower manufacturing costs. The new Victory TN7105, TN7110 and TN7115 grades are offered for light and medium turning applications in steel with a 30% performance increase over competitive products. For more details, come and visit the ITC Stand H20-650 at MACH 2018.

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