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The impressive Widia 70NS Victory X-Feed Series of high-feed end mills has now been extended to cater for the machining of stainless steel and heat resistant alloys. Available in the UK from Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC) Ltd, the extension provides manufacturers that machine challenging materials with all the benefits the 70NS demonstrates on steel, cast iron and a host of other material types.

Already a proven performer on a wide variety of materials, the extended 70NS Series provides a significantly increased radial engagement when compared to ball nosed end mills. This geometry revision has been optimised for circular plunging, 3D machining, face milling and pocketing applications on heat-resistant alloys and stainless steels. Identified as an outstanding performer when conducting rough to semi-finish machining of challenging materials, the 70NS perfectly complements the existing ITC milling portfolio.

Designed for high-feed machining processes, the 6-flute tools have a 3XD neck reach and optimised corner radius that combine to outperform competitor products when conducting heavy duty high-feed machining. This combination significantly improves tool life and cutting parameters whilst generating a smooth cutting action that reduces spindle load by minimising radial forces on the cutting tool.

The exciting program extension is offered in diameters that include 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, 20 and 25mm with a neck diameter of 5.5mm on the 6mm diameter tool through to 23.5mm on the 25mm diameter end mill with a necked length from 17.75 to 74.25mm across the range. The necked diameters and lengths have been enhanced in correspondence to the 63 to 150mm overall lengths to maximise rigidity and performance when conducting high-feed milling in the aerospace, automotive, medical, mould & die and general subcontract industries. Further enhancing the rigidity and strength of the 70NS X-Feed Series is the 20 degree flute design and the six cutting edges.

The ingenious geometry of the extended 70NS Series offers a radial engagement of 55% when compared to 5-10% with ball nosed tools. This drastically reduces tool wear and subsequent tool changeovers whilst dissipating heat through the tool and the chips more efficiently. Furthermore, this large radial engagement increases material removal rates and enables the end user to increase cutting speeds and feeds beyond anything previously possible.

The geometry of the AlTiN-MT coated 70NS range has a head and shoulder radius that combine to create an ingenious engagement area that both maximises material removal rates and reduces tool wear. The dual radius geometry incorporates a shoulder radius from 0.38 to 1.56mm and this works in synergy with the head radius from 0.67 to 2.9mm depending upon the overall diameter tool selection. For more information on the new Widia 70NS Victory X-Feed Series, please contact ITC or download the 2019 edition of the Widia Advances catalogue via www.itc-ltd.co.uk

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