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ITC Offers Versatile Widia 90-degree Milling Range

With cutters that can be used for shoulder milling, profiling, face milling, slotting, ramping, helical and circular interpolation whilst achieving true 90-degree shoulder milling, the Victory Shoulder Mill (VSM) 17 platform from Widia is a robust and versatile job-shop winner.

Now available from Tamworth cutting tool experts Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC), the VSM17 has been designed for low horsepower machine tools. The new Widia VSM17 from ITC delivers the benefit of reduced horsepower requirement and higher spindle speed and feed rates, which essentially means more parts per shift.

The VSM17 cutter bodies have an integral chip gullet design that demonstrates excellent chip evacuation and with its hardened-steel construction and hardened pocket seats, the new milling line exhibits high resistance to deformation. The VSM17 offers aggressive ramping capability up to 8.8° with a maximum 16.45mm depth of cut. This enables users of the new VSM17 to benefit from significantly improved productivity rates when rough machining with low powered machine tools. The impressive VSM17 line is available in a variety of designations that include shell mills, screw-on type cutters, cylindrical shank and Weldon shank end mills with a through coolant facility.

The VSM17 inserts have strong cutting edges, a corner radii and positive rake faces that provide a true 90-degree wall while providing excellent wall and floor surface finishes. This geometry also enhances tool life, consistency and overall performance when measured against competitor products. The innovative geometry is complemented by a number of insert grade designations that make the VSM17 suitable for high performance machining of a multitude of material types. The VSM17 is available from ITC with starter kits also available upon request. The starter kit includes a cutter body and ten inserts that are now available for end users that are keen to improve the productivity and performance levels of their milling operations.

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