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The importance of precise and rigid toolholding is something that cannot be overstated. In fact, the benefits are so well documented and quantified that specialist toolholding manufacturer BIG KAISER has been banging the drum about the cost, tool life and productivity savings for some time. Now, through its UK distribution outlet, Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC), UK manufacturers can witness these savings with a new promotional ‘starter-kit’.

Available from ITC for a limited period up to the MACH 2016 exhibition, the new HMC Promotional Starter Kit will give machine shops a chuck, four collets and a wrench for an extremely attractive price. With a choice of three chucks that include a DV40, a BBT40 or a HSK-A63 and four collets that can clamp tool shanks with 6, 10, 12 and 16mm diameter, 8 and 14mm collets are also available.

At the heart of this offer is the BIG KAISER Hi-Power Milling Chuck that combines exceptional precision and run-out, high torque capability and unparalleled rigidity. Despite being designed as a milling chuck, the new Hi-Power chuck is well suited to applications such as boring, chamfering, reaming, drilling and much more.  The Hi-Power chuck achieves instantly noticeable results that are credit to its design structure. The chuck has a rigid design with roller bearings that optimise run-out performance whilst the innovative sealing technology extends tool life considerably.

These features are underpinned by an annular section that epitomises rigidity, but also retains the ability to collapse in order to provide sufficient grip. With holes and slits throughout the annular section inside the chuck, the Hi-Power system delivers the optimal combination of rigidity and grip. The result of this innovative design is a concentricity that is guaranteed to be within 10microns at 4XD. So, if you want to find out how much you can benefit in terms of productivity, cost-reductions and tool life savings, just by applying a high-end precision chuck, give your local ITC representative a call for details of the promotional price.

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