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ITC Has Crowds In A High Speed Spin At Sign UK  

At the recent Sign & Digital UK show, the new stand design and eye-catching colour scheme of the Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC) stand completely caught the attention of exhibition visitors. Once the attention was grabbed, it was the innovative new tooling solutions, the comprehensive new Folio catalogue and the technical expertise of the ITC team that kept show visitors on the stand demanding more details.

Like every Sign exhibition, ITC’s Sally Hunt was greeting customers and discussing the latest industry trends and finding solutions. Interestingly, the 2016 event saw the rise of the CNC digital cutting table from the likes of DYSS, Zund and Kongsburg. As ITC’s Sally Hunt says: “The industry is making a paradigm shift with more sign-makers, digital printers and graphics companies installing the flexible CNC digital cutting tables. Unlike the heavier duty routing machines, the cutting tables run at extremely high spindle speeds. These High Frequency (HF) spindles require precision balanced cutting tools. Without balanced tools, the tool life, surface and edge finish will all diminish rapidly. Furthermore, the vibration will generate noise and heat whilst also putting additional stress on the machine spindle.”

As always, Sally’s industry knowledge and the technical expertise of ITC’s R&D department had already pre-empted the rise of the HF spindle machines with a complete line of balanced cutting tools. As Sally continues: “Our new Folio catalogue was launched in March and it’s crammed with new balanced tool ranges that are far beyond the capability and quality levels of anything else on the market. Since the last Sign UK show, so many sign-makers have purchased these cutting tables and not specified the correct tooling. Our expertise and extensive balanced tool product line won us a lot of new customers at the show and even more in the weeks after the show.”

Aside from the extensive new line of balanced tools and the existing and well established tooling lines, ITC was keen to emphasise the new additions to the 2016 edition of its Folio catalogue. The new additions to the 2016 catalogue included the impressive range of flat drag knife blades, round shank drag knife blades, oscillating blades, toolholders and collets, drills, hand taps, bed skimming tools, coolant and even sacrificial sheets to protect machine beds. Alluding to the increasing product line-up at Sign UK, Sally concludes: “A couple of years ago we were ahead of the market with tools for tackling poor quality Asian imported materials. This year we predicted the rising demand for balanced tools and we have catered for it in our latest catalogue. It’s not a coincidence that ITC has the tools for every eventuality. Our customers repeatedly buy from us for the quality, consistency, service, support and the next day delivery service. But, most importantly customers buy from ITC because above all else we are innovators, engineers and problem solvers.”

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