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At the Sign & Digital UK exhibition from the 2nd to 4th April, Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC) will be introducing a raft of new products and services that will highlight the company’s benchmark position in the industry. On Stand G40, the Tamworth cutting tool experts will introduce its knife tool re-grinding service alongside the already comprehensive range of blades for digital cutting tables. Making its world premiere at the exhibition will be the new IRIDIS coated line of tools that deliver unprecedented tool life and surface finish performance on aluminium and aluminium composite materials (ACM).

The new IRIDIS coating technology has been tirelessly developed and tested by ITC and the results have proven extremely encouraging, as ITC’s Sally Hunt says: “We have been trialling the new IRIDIS coating technology at our Tamworth headquarters in our test facility as well as conducting industrial trials with customers, the results are impressive and conclusive. On aluminium and ACM materials, we are significantly improving tool life, performance and consistency. In trials with customers, the new tools are improving tool life from 30 to 50%. Additionally, the already impressive surface finishes from our tools has been further improved by the new coating technology.”

The IRIDIS coating technology has now been added to ITC’s most popular tooling ranges, such as the 180 A-Series and the STA series of standard and balanced routing tools. For manufacturers applying balanced tools to high-speed digital cutting tables that are machining aluminium and ACM, the results of the IRIDIS coated tools is impressive.

As always at the Sign & Digital UK exhibition, ITC engineers will be on hand to discuss the needs of the industry with technical experts providing advice, recommendations, solutions and support for your entire routing and digital cutting table tooling challenges.

With the exponential rise of the digital cutting table, ITC has an established position as a full-line supplier of knife blade solutions. For a number of years, the technical expertise and UK manufacturing base of ITC has enabled the company to cement its position as the leading supplier of oscillating blades, flat and round shank drag knife blades and rotation blades in a vast array of geometries and sizes. Now, ITC is ramping up its support network, expanding its re-grinding service for its knife blade product lines. So, if you want to get your knife blades cost-effectively re-ground to an as-new condition, come and speak to ITC on Stand G40 at the Sign & Digital UK exhibition

In addition to the new IRIDIS coated routing tools and the knife blade re-grinding service, why not speak to ITC about its complete line of special tools that can all be manufactured in the UK. Added to this, the Tamworth specialist has an extensive range of complementary products such as sacrificial sheets, lubricants, anti-slip matting, router collets, CNC tool holders and more.

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